Furnace Creek - A TF2 Custom Map by Youme and Nineaxis


Furnace Creek is a 3-Point Attack/Defend map, similar to Gravel Pit. When both Capture Point A and B have been captured by BLU, Capture Point C unlocks. Team coordination is required as there are two points to defend and two points to capture at the start of the round.


Furnace Creek features a custom desert environment designed by Nineaxis and developed by Youme and Snipergen. Most noticable is the custom sunset sky, with smaller details such as a new set of cacti to catch your eye. The "spytech" of the map is also custom, a solar-powered laser, a combination of a parabolic solar array, an energy rod, and of course, a laser.

The Plot

The villains at Reliable Excavation Demolition have a new idea on how to demolish their enemies. It's the Solar Laser Unbuilding Gun, or S.L.U.G., a solar powered laser capable of destroying pretty much anything. Builders League United is determined to stop them.

The S.L.U.G.

The Solar Laser Unbuilding Gun (or S.L.U.G.) is a large ray gun mounted on top of a tower at Capture Point C. It is powered by a field of heliostats behind it that comprise the parabolic solar array. Power is fed to the laser through the Energy Rod inside the tower. The S.L.U.G. reaches maximum power at sunset.